Yuet Ming Auditorum
CYM Auditorium

Yuet Ming Auditorium is a brand new vibrant cultural hub located on 5/F Chong Yuet Ming Cultural Centre

It provides a good quality facility for the art and cultural performance in the University of Hong Kong. The Yuet Ming Auditorium is the most modern and well-equipped proscenium theatre with a capacity of 400 seats in the University of Hong Kong. It is also an entertainment and exhibition suite, bringing greatly improved social and cultural facilities to students. The Auditorium is designed to be as permeable as possible to maximise the benefit to students during the course of the teaching day, whilst in performance mode it can provide state-of-the-art technology for both in-house and visiting performers. Basic furnishings are provided. The place can be used for cultural performances, drama productions and various kinds of functions.

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For any enquiries, please call 3917 1281 or email to cymcc@hku.hk.