Culture & Humanities Fund

The University of Hong Kong is rich in its 100-year heritage and traditions.  Its history is literally the history of Hong Kong, a fascinating miracle that rose from a small fishing village to become the cosmopolitan city of today.  The University is the cradle of some of the greatest creative and artistic minds in the region.

Prominent artists and thought leaders share their passion and joy of creativity with the University community. Our intellectually stimulating and awe-inspiring programmes are shaping this fast-paced and dynamic metropolis.   

We believe in possibilities, and the possibilities are endless.

The "HKU Culture & Humanities Fund", since its inception in 2005, has supported creative projects, performances, concerts, film galas, exhibitions, heritage projects, as well as scholarships and professorships, community and school programmes, salons and talks.  Funded Projects HERE

Giving to HKU Culture & Humanities

The University, with its students, professors and the HKU family, is always pushing boundaries and driving innovations.

HKU is your best partner, so join us in building a cultural city.

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The HKU Culture & Humanities Fund is an HKU Foundation scheme.