The HKU Black Box

Active Curatorship

High Impact

Partnership Development

Interdisciplinary Arts and Research Collaborations

Global Leadership

  • The HKU Black Box is new and prestigious Flagship at the heart of the University of Hong Kong. 

  • A model anchor in a world-renowned university, the Black Box at the University of Hong Kong offers a unique locus for the following: creative productions, partnerships in the arts, interdisciplinary research, public readings, performances, colloquia, conferences, workshops, lectures, master classes, and more.

  • The HKU Black Box marks a paradigm shift in Hong Kong:

It positions an intimate Creative and Research Studio at heart of the University: 

an invitation to hands-on experiences and ground-breaking confidence, 
over generations: students, the alumni, and community.

The Black Box is a groundbreaking home inside the University of Hong Kong.

…a unique concept and a welcoming hub for surprising and unexpected acts of self-discovery, life-long.

For more information, please visit The HKU Black Box website: